Why Should Every Real Estate Company Have A Web Application?

Real Estate Application Development Company

With the boom in population, the real estate industry is flourishing. Prospective homeowners and tenants are constantly looking for technologically advanced real estate companies that offer web applications where they can find all information about properties available for rent or sell. This way, they can avoid unnecessary conversations with real estate agents before deciding whether they are really interested in entering the process.

When it comes to choosing a framework for developing the web application, there’s not a better choice than CodeIgniter. There are a total of 502,686 websites and web applications from the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Canada, Australia, and European Union countries are developed using CodeIgniter.

The framework offers excellent documentation and community support. There are a lot of in-built libraries that help you get work done quickly. It also requires less coding, which is another reason why it is so loved among all CodeIgniter application development company.

Here are five reasons why your real estate company needs a web application:

1. Broader Target Group

Why should homebuyers or tenants go to a broker and pay them hundreds of dollars when they can directly content to the seller or landlord? Technology is changing how the world works and the real estate industry is no different. As a real estate company, you get a share of money from every house that is sold or rented successfully. Prospective customers can visit the website according to their comfort and shortlist apartments and houses. This opens your company to a wider group, who are genuinely interested in doing business with the sellers.

2. Virtually Visiting the Property

Rather than dressing up and going for several house viewings, prospective buyers can virtually visit the property from the comfort of their home. It saves the time the buyers and you have to put for reaching the house and all other unnecessary formalities. You can develop an efficient structure, which requires the seller to upload images of every room of the house along with a small video taking you through the backyard, front yard, and parking space. You can do a lot to make the experience of potential buyers as real as possible.

To make sure that images and videos uploaded on your web application are real, you can visit the location and verify them yourself. It gives the web application visitors confidence to go ahead with the deal.

3. Filter Search According to Preference

Hire a CodeIgniter Developer to help you create a web application that helps web application visitors see what they exactly want. Some common filters you’ll find on a real estate web application include proximity to the city center, area, number of bedrooms, plot size, cost, and whether pets are allowed or not.

4. Customization

A web application development agency will help you customize the web application just like the way you want. You can work on a very well planned user interactive design that makes navigation easy. Instead of focusing on how the real estate agents have to present themselves to the clients, they can work on how to improve their virtual experience. You can offer customization and editing studio in-built for the sellers.

5. Better Brand Image

Not only will the web application help your company’s brand image, but also that of the sellers and landlords that do business through it. You can build a web application that is focused to offering the most up to date information about the local real estate industry. Every person will only visit your web application because of how well maintained it is. You can also add a blog on how to buy or rent a property, ways to decorate your house, and more. There’s a lot you can do about it.

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