Why CodeIgniter PHP Framework Is Best of All?

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Whether its enterprise or startup business, the web application is must for all. The web application is something which runs on the browser with internet access. The Internet is the most cost-effective interaction channel utilized by every one of the organizations on the planet. For exchanging important data to run the business through internet web apps are essential with CodeIgniter PHP Framework.

Clients can communicate with the company through online forms, CMS, shopping carts and considerably more. For web application development, all you require is a mix of server-side scripts, customer side scripts, framework, and CMS.

What is a Framework?

Programming frameworks are the base on which web developers build an application for specific platforms. Basically, the framework is designed to help the coders in programming with standardizing code which decreases the issues in syntax. Let’s talk about PHP Programming than Yii, Codeigniter, Zend, Laravel, and Symphony is a framework.

Advantages of the Framework

  1. Most of the frameworks are open source.
  2. Frameworks have proper documentation and guidelines. And most of the frameworks have a good community online.
  3. It’s time-saving because framework eliminates the need of the repetitive code.
  4. Frameworks are used and tested with so many developers so they enhance the security level.
  5. To integrate the 3 party tools and databases it is very simple.

79 percent of websites and web applications from the United States, Canada, India, the United Kingdom, and Australia are built using PHP language. We all know that PHP is the most popular programming language across the globe. The more popular a language is, the more frameworks there will be to help coders build a website or a web application. When it comes to finding a PHP framework, CodeIgniter is the first thing that comes to our mind.

It might have definitely struck you CodeIgniter application development India is the best among all? Here are some reasons that’ll help you clear up the confusion:

  1. Lightweight

It is a highly efficient framework that has very little footprints compared to other PHP frameworks. Also, CodeIgniter is lightweight, which means it helps you to write only what is required.

  1. Reliable

Being one of the oldest PHP frameworks around has its own perks. You can tell that CodeIgniter is mature and reliable because it has a huge community to help you out whenever you come across a problem or an obstacle.

  1. User-Friendly Interface

CodeIgniter has made coding even easier with its user-friendly interface. Other frameworks like Laravel have glitches or unrequired complexities, which make it difficult to navigate around. Fresh programmers should always use CodeIgniter because it is simple to use yet very attractive.

Hire Dedicated Developers
  1. Rich Documentation

Hire CodeIgniter developer India and don’t worry about your web application not being up to mark. PHP Web Application Development Company that uses CodeIgniter is the lucky one because the framework is very well documented. There are a lot of libraries, APIs, and classes to choose from, which helps a developer to improve his skills. Other than that, the community that has some of the best coders ever a part of it is always there to support a fresher.

  1. Vast Collection of Libraries

Some commonly used libraries of the CodeIgniter framework include email configuration, session management, database, and data validation among others. It has everything a developer needs, which means you can make a web application in only a few minutes.

  1. Configuration

Since CodeIgniter is an MVC framework, it is very easy to work with. After you download and install the framework, you only have to load config.php to open the libraries, arrays, and databases. Remember to save them after loading. Also, you don’t need to give a database a new name every time. All you have to do is select the “Write once use everywhere” option.

  1. File Organization

Any CodeIgniter framework development agency will tell you the framework is the most organized one around. After you install the framework and open the file, you’ll only see a limited number of files, which include a controller, view, model, and configuration. It is so easy to get lost in a pool of a million folders but CodeIgniter comes in to save our day.

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  1. Secure

CodeIgniter assists in encryption and decryption of data, so that the programmer can send information over a secretive installation. The framework has many such functions to protect a web application from viruses.

  1. Less Coding

Yes, you read it right. CodeIgniter is designed in such a way that it helps you write less code so that the structure remains neat and consumes less time. Also, you don’t have to spend the time to go through third-party libraries every time you begin with a new project because almost all of them return when you do a default framework installation. Hire dedicated CodeIgniter developer who knows what he is doing and remains engaged during the whole development process.

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Q: What is the CodeIgniter PHP framework?
A: CodeIgniter is a powerful, lightweight, and open-source PHP framework that is used to build scalable, secure, and high-performance web applications.

Q: What are the advantages of using CodeIgniter?
A: The advantages of using CodeIgniter include its easy-to-use and intuitive interface, fast performance, small footprint, excellent documentation, built-in security features, and compatibility with various hosting platforms and databases.

Q: What are some of the features of CodeIgniter?
A: Some of the key features of CodeIgniter include its Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, easy database management, easy error handling, built-in security features, and compatibility with different versions of PHP.

Q: What makes CodeIgniter stand out among other PHP frameworks?
A: CodeIgniter stands out among other PHP frameworks due to its lightweight and fast performance, easy-to-use interface, modular structure, excellent documentation, and built-in security features.

Q: Is CodeIgniter suitable for large-scale web applications?
A: Yes, CodeIgniter is suitable for large-scale web applications as it offers scalability and flexibility to handle complex applications.

Q: What are some popular websites built using CodeIgniter?
A: Some popular websites built using CodeIgniter include Buffer, Match.com, and GetGo.

Q: How does CodeIgniter compare to other PHP frameworks like Laravel and Symfony?
A: CodeIgniter is more lightweight and faster than Laravel and Symfony, making it ideal for small to medium-sized projects. However, Laravel and Symfony offer more advanced features and functionalities that may be better suited for larger projects.