Top technologies for IOS app development in 2021: benefits, use case scenarios

Top technologies for IOS app development in 2021

The mobile application development sector is booming all over the world. It has expanded its network in past decades and has shown a huge surge in the market. The technology stack plays an important role in the app development process. The best technology stack will enhance your project and will make it more scalable, maintainable and, committed to your functional requirements.

But wondering which app development technologies to trust? That assures more safety and can rule the app store market. Then you have landed in the right place.

IOS app development technology is the most appropriate choice that will work super productive for your businesses. These technology stacks are the most trusted and popular around the world. Developing an iPhone app is the best idea to begin your app business.

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Moving forward, let’s discuss more iOS development technologies in detail that will answer all the queries about, what are the benefits of iOS app developments for your businesses? Which are the top technologies for iOS app development? What are its benefits and use case scenarios?

Now, without wasting much of your time, let’s jump on to the top iOS app development benefits.

Top iOS App development benefits for your businesses

  • Provides top-notch performance
  • Increases optimal user experience
  • It is cost-effective and is faster in development
  • It provides high security
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Highly innovative apps available in the market
  • Guarantees higher ROI
  • Provides high-quality standards
  • It is easy to test

Top technologies for iOS app development

If you want to develop iOS apps, you will need to use those iOS development technologies that run smoothly on the iOS operating system. For that, you must consider the following technologies, listed below:

  1. Swift
  2. Objective c
  3. Flutter
  4. C#
  5. React native

1.   Swift

Swift is an impactful and intuitive programming language for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. Swift is considered the most popular and do-it-yourself mobile app development technology available on the iOS platform. It is a new language with the absence of string identifiers that results in fewer mistakes while developing. It provides a fantastic path to write apps for phones, desktops, servers, and anything that runs with the code.

Swift provides a safe, fast, and interactive programming language. It is useful in building custom applications according to the requirements of the business. Swift also provides dynamic libraries that can be directly uploaded to memory and aids in reducing the initial size of the app, as a result, the app performance is enhanced.

Advantages/ benefits of swift for iOS app development

  • It is easy to learn – Less code is required which makes understanding, editing and, debugging easy for developing various kinds of applications. Thus, makes the process quick and smooth. The code also enables the use of emoticons.
  • It is fast and efficient – swift syntax is created to help developers identify common mistakes. It thus aids in minimizing the errors that make the process quick and safe and provide a better user experience. In addition to this, swift memory is automatically managed.
  • Offers open-source community – swift’s open-source feature attracts third-party developers’ attention. It provides various ways to make it a developer-friendly programming language. The developers for iOS applications will be able to explore and enhance swift language, can contribute to bug fixes, add new effective features and platforms, and a lot more.
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  • Provides Easy Code Maintenance – it states that the contents of the header and implementation files are combined in just one swift file. Therefore, iPhone app developers do not need to maintain two code files in it. That helps them to work on more functional areas such as app logic.
  • Enables faster app development – swift has proved itself to be faster in development than any other apps. According to the industry research and experts’ opinion, swift is considered super-fast for iPhone application development.
  • It is compatible with objective-C – swift and objective-C’s interoperability provides the developer to write code in one language and use it in another language. iOS app developers import the framework of objective-C and use its classes and methods using swift syntax. Thus, the interoperability between swift with objective-C helps developers to make use of objective-C APIs.
  • Less prone to error – swift programming language includes a choice to define the values as optional types or value types. That means, in defining the method, the iPhone app developer will be able to define, whether the value exists or is nil (null). Thus, swift ensures that the developer does not get a chance to develop bug and exception-free apps.
  • It is supported by multiple devices – swift not only supports Apple devices but supports Linux and Windows devices. According to the news update by google, Fuchsia will support Apple’s Swift programming language. As a result, swift will support multiple devices across the technology world as well.

Use case scenario of swift

If you are willing to build an application that is relatively quick and which you can easily expand later, swift will be a perfect choice. The language enables to write safe and reliable code and is easy to learn and ensures a fast development process. As it is regularly updated, it becomes easy to make application improvements.

2.   Objective-C

Objective-C is the oldest and primary programming language that has formed the base of all apple products. It was developed to write software for OS X and iOS. It was developed in 1984. Objective c is the extension of the C language, using Objective-C will provide you with language-level support for your object literals and object graph management.

Advantages/benefits of Objective-C for iOS app development

  • It provides object-oriented capabilities and dynamic runtime – object-oriented capabilities and a dynamic runtime feature help you to focus on passing messages to different processes. therefore, developers maintain legacy applications written in objective-C instead of integrating them into the swift application development framework.
  • Defined classes and methods – Objective-C helps developers to inherit syntax, primitive types, and flow control statements of C and adds syntax for proper defining of classes and methods.
  • Easy to learn for advanced developers – Those developers, who have extensive knowledge of another advanced object-oriented programming language e.g., ruby or python, will not face any trouble learning objective-C either.

Other additional benefits include:

  • It is an approved, well-tested language
  • It is more stable
  • It uses private APIs
  • It is easily compatible with C++

Use case scenario of objective-C

As objective-C is a primary language, it falls back on some of the current technological advancements in programming that swift can offer. It does not conceive under today’s programming paradigm. Objective-C works best when you want to launch apps on older versions of iOS that swift do not support.

3.   C#

The C# language was created at Microsoft by Anders Hejlsberg and was launched in 2000. It was created as Microsoft’s response to the java language. C# is a simple, high-level, modern, flexible, general-purpose, and object-oriented programming language. it stands equal to Microsoft app development, as Objective-C is for apple.

As per the opinion of the survey conducted by stack overflow, C# is said to be the most versatile programming language in the world and is also ranked 5th in the Tiobe august 2021 index.

Advantages/ benefits of C# for iOS app development

  • Open-source programming language – C# enables developers to make all kind of applications that includes consoles, windows clients, web apps, mobile apps, and backend systems.
  • Works with Xamarin – C# developers with the help of Xamarin can also build native iOS and Android apps. Xamarin is a tool that acts as a part of a visual studio that enables developers to write C# code which is compiled to native iOS and native Android binaries.
  • Flexible and easy to build – C# provides developers the ability to develop native iOS and Android apps without learning a new programming language.

Additional benefits include:

  • Easy app development for intermediate to advance level developers
  • C# carries a vast talent pool
  • Supports cross-platform app development
  • Provides a rich library
  • Provides better cost-benefit and integration than any other coding languages

Use case scenario of C#

C# can be majorly used when your team includes experienced C# developers and when you feel to develop android, windows, and web API versions of the iOS app.

4.   Flutter

Flutter was developed by Google and was introduced officially in 2017. It is considered to be quick in delivering a high-performing cross-platform mobile application. It is the most popular coding language for apps. Flutter has proved to be a highly versatile open-source development kit. It is used to build apps for iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, and Google Fuchsia.

Flutter enables the developers to build the most attractive and intuitive cross-platform apps, therefore, it is a favorite amongst the Android and iOS developers.

Advantages/ benefits of flutter for iOS app development

  • Offers reduced code development time – flutter includes Hot Reload feature, which enables seeing applied changes quickly, without losing current application state. Therefore, it makes the flutter app development faster than others due to the increased development speed.
  • Poses ability to go beyond mobile – flutter not only provides app development for mobiles but also provides flutter for web and flutter desktop embeddings

Additional benefits include:

– Flutter increases the time-to-market speed by providing a declarative API for building UI, that boosts the – performance

– It is similar to native app performance

Ability to customize, animated UI any complexity available

Flutter includes its rendering engine called “Skia”, which makes the development process simple and easy.

Use case scenario of flutter

As it is the most popular cross-platform app development language, it is perfect to use flutter when you want to build an iOS app and make the android, desktop, and web app versions for it. It helps in saving a lot of time by creating app versions for all compatible OS and platforms using a single codebase.

5.   React native

React native is considered the popular open-source framework that runs using the JavaScript library. It is commonly used to write real, native rendering applications that are compatible with Android and iOS. React native is usually written with the combination of XML-esque markup and JavaScript that is also denoted as JSX. It is supported by the social media giant Facebook.

Advantages/ benefits of react native for iOS app development

  • Provides native rendering – It uses the host platform to natively render APIs and does not require HTML or CSS markup.
  • Ensures optimal performance – It aids in maintaining the markup of an application to mimic authentic UI elements and still maintains high performance.
  • Offers debugging – React-native provides accessibility to intelligent debugging tools and error reporting.
  • Carry large Ecosystem -React-native leverages standard ecosystem and UI libraries to automatically re-render app appearance with each state change.
  • Live and Hot-reloading – It enables hot reloading to add new codes directly into a live application.

Additional benefits include:

  • Strong developer experience
  • It offers code reuse and pre-developed components
  • It is a cost-effective solution
  • Provides Third-party plugin support
  • Modular architecture
  • High stability and reliability

Use case scenario of React-native

React native is the best option if you want to build a mobile app for iOS and Android at the same time, and your team contains JavaScript or react native experts. This idea will help you to save time and cost. As it is famous among the world’s most popular mobile apps- it assures you of the best and effective solution.

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Thus, we conclude that Apple is the most innovative OS and the best option for businesses for developing apps. It guarantees market visibility, profitability, and customer loyalty. One of the main reasons for choosing iOS apps for businesses is that it provides optimum security.

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Q: What are the top technologies for iOS app development in 2021?
A: The top technologies for iOS app development in 2021 include Swift programming language, SwiftUI, ARKit, Core ML, and Firebase.

Q: What are the benefits of using Swift programming language for iOS app development?
A: Swift is a modern and easy-to-learn programming language that offers faster app development, better performance, and safer code than its predecessor, Objective-C.

Q: What are the benefits of using SwiftUI for iOS app development?
A: SwiftUI is a modern UI framework that offers declarative syntax, real-time previews, and seamless integration with other Apple technologies, allowing for faster and more efficient app development.

Q: What are the benefits of using ARKit for iOS app development?
A: ARKit is a powerful AR framework that allows developers to create immersive and interactive AR experiences in their iOS apps, from simple animations to advanced spatial mapping and object detection.

Q: What are the benefits of using Core ML for iOS app development?
A: Core ML is a machine learning framework that allows developers to integrate pre-trained machine learning models into their iOS apps, enabling features such as object recognition, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis.

Q: What are the benefits of using Firebase for iOS app development?
A: Firebase is a comprehensive mobile app development platform that offers features such as real-time database, cloud storage, authentication, and analytics, making it easier for developers to build, test, and deploy their iOS apps.

Q: What are some use case scenarios for these top technologies in iOS app development?
A: Some use case scenarios for these top technologies in iOS app development include creating a social media app with real-time updates using Firebase, building a fitness app with ARKit for interactive workouts, using Core ML for image recognition in a shopping app, and using SwiftUI for faster and more efficient UI development.