Top 5 Tips to Do Amazon Keyword Research: Guide from Kanhasoft

Amazon Keyword Research Tools

Amazon is the world’s biggest marketplace to sell products online. Most of the Amazon buyers use the search box to find the desired product. Now to do shopping by categories filters is passed. Customer types the keyword for the product and scrolls down to see the product of the search result.

As an Amazon seller, first, you have to understand what types of searches Buyer do to select the product. Generally, Customer’s habit to do a search on Amazon and Google is totally different.  In Amazon, buyer’s search queries are product-centric. So here Google Adwords keyword research won’t be useful. You can use free Amazon seller tools for Keyword research online. But do not rely on one method.

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There are 2 types of buyers. One who knows what they want to buy. And other starts with category and then searches down for the product. The customer only clicks on those products which appear in the search result. So it is very necessary to spend time behind the choosing right keywords for your product.

Types of Keywords for Amazon Product

Product with rich keyword set has greater chances to appear in search result. For example, you are selling Matt lipsticks. Then your primary keyword is “Matte Lipstick”. Now “Liquid Matte Lipstick”, “Red Liquid Matte Lipstick” and “Long Lasting Matte Lipstick” are more precise keywords. In primary keywords, competition will be high as compared to more precise keywords. But primary keywords generate more traffic than precise keywords. However, click through rate of more precise keywords are higher than primary keywords.  As a seller, you have to make sure that your product should appear on most of the relevant keywords.

How to Select Amazon Product Keywords which Convert Your Sales

  1. Seed Keywords

    Before going more deeper in Amazon keyword research, understand ‘Golden/Primary Keywords’. Golden Keywords are those who convert well to make money. Means these keywords bring more traffic to your product listing.

    The base for Amazon keyword research is the ‘seed’ keyword.  Seed keywords help you to determine the competition and search volume.  To find the seed keywords simply think like a buyer. Start from the basic word and then broad your keyword.

  2. Keyword Ideas

    Once you have identified your seed keywords, look for the keyword ideas considering what customers will search in your niche. At first, you can start with your competitors. See on which keywords your competitors are ranking. Select those keywords. You can use Google search console to determine the position of keywords.

  3. Keyword Metrics

    For selecting from the hundreds and thousands of keyword ideas you should consider following metrics:

    1. Keyword Difficulty: How much difficult to rank on that keyword. If you choose simple keywords than you can rank fast.
    2. Traffic Potential: From this, you can measure how much traffic will these keywords generate.
    3. Clicks: Help you to understand the popularity of the keyword.
    4. Search Volume: It determines how many users across a global or specific country searched for a particular keyword.
  4. Keyword Group

    Now you have selected keywords list. Now it’s time to organize them. You can filter them on the basis of business value, search term or niche. Select the keywords whose business value is high because they will drive sales.

  5. Priority Keywords

    Go for the following steps to select priority keywords:

    • Traffic potential for the selected group
    • ROI
    • Competition Level

Amazon seller is a lucrative business that is doing great and promising to do even better. You can start selling on Amazon today. If you are a newbie then Amazon FBA is a great option for you. Because in FBA Amazon takes care of most of the customer services.
Amazon Keyword research is not as simple as you think. It is a time-consuming and tedious process. But if you finish it very well then it will definitely boost your Amazon seller business. Further, you can take help of custom Amazon seller tools. Kanhasoft provides custom Amazon seller application to manage inventory, keyword ranking, email, notifications, reviews management and many more.  You can contact us today.