Top 5 Business Benefits provided by Yii Framework for Small Businesses

Yii Framework App Development in India

For just a marketer, why do Yii stick out inside of a market complete with varied web design apps? Examples of the business benefit that Yii offers? These are typically just a few relevant questions that ought to be answered so that you can realize the mystical potential of Yii framework development in India from an entrepreneur’s view. The companies hire Yii developers for building the most beneficial Yii framework.

Below is a menu of benefits that Yii provides to a business that sets it beyond its contemporaries:

1) Cost Effective

Yii framework is instrumental in reducing the size of the development team required to work on the project. This is done by a multitude of automation services provided by Yii as well as the Gii module. Yii framework is instrumental in reducing the strength of the event team essential to work on the project. This is from numerous automation services given by Yii and the Gii module. This lets the entrepreneur store lots of money and time which commonly be procured from other developmental projects. This enables the entrepreneur to save a lot of money and time which could be invested in other developmental projects.

2) Growth Affirmative

Unlike many web development platforms, Yii does not tend to succumb under pressure. In fact, it adjusts itself according to the needs of a growing business and strives to perform well under heavy traffic pressure. It is often referred to as a highly robust, extensible and scalable tool for application development. Normally projects require a certain amount of repetitive assignments that no one wants to waste time with. It is with the help of Yii application developer that some tools are developed that can guide you allocate less time on those tasks, and it helps in reserving more time revising your application to suit your clients’ wish.

3) Secured to the Core

Waking up to find a hacked site is one of the worst nightmares of every entrepreneur. The companies hire dedicated Yii programmer in India inherently for building security features of Yii framework that boosts the security of your applications. Latest security mechanisms like Cookie Attack Prevention, XSS, SQL integration, cross-site scripting etc. are just some of the features Yii offers to keep your applications at a bay from nasty viruses and codes. This in-built security suite helps to make Yii one of the most secured web development tools out there.

4) Huge Community Support

Yii is based on PHP technology which makes for an enormous active community. This community plays a major role in assisting and resolving project-related issues. Yii depends on PHP technology helping to make to have an enormous active community. This community plays the main role in helping and resolving project-related issues. Therefore it may never need to perform your current inside Yii world. Said simply, help would remain provided for individuals that seek it. This means you will never have to be on your own in the Yii world. Said simply, help would always be provided to those who seek it.

5) Caching

It is one of most significant factor offers a cache management system, which allows you to save both SQL/Active and static data record queries, thus reducing time in lots of page loading. In addition, the system ensures massive user experience and retains customers. Caching is a very effective way to improve the performance of a web application. It helps in reducing the response time and improves the speed and performance of the web application. Yii allows easy integration of a cache application component. Yii provides various cache components such as:

  • cMemCache – memcache makes use of the spare RAM in many servers to act as a memory cache for frequently accessed pieces of information.
  • cDummyCache – This contains dummy cache that does not do caching at all. This component is used to simplify the code that needs to check the availability of cache.
  • cFileCache – This uses files to store cached data.

Code Standards

Yii Framework development uses PSR-2 coding standards. Here are the few recommendations of the  PSR-2 coding standard:

  1. Files must
    • use either <?php or <?= tags
    • newline should be at the end
    • use only UTF-8 without BOM for PHP code
  2. Use 4 spaces for indentation and do not use TAB in code
  3. Declare class names in StudlyCaps
  4. Declare Class constants in all uppercase with underscore separators
  5. Declare method names and Property names in camelCase
  6. If the Property names are private do not start with an initial underscore
  7. Use elseif instead of else if

Features of the Yii Framework for Web Application Development

  • It offers full support for composing and running unit tests alongside functionality tests that depend on the Selenium and PHP Unit.
  • It allows the fast age of code for CRUD and shape input by means of GII Tool.
  • Exceedingly Pluggable and can utilize any third-party code via composer or direct install.
  • Date and time organizing, message interpretation, interface localization, and number formatting and other user utility capacities are natively supported.
What for PHP YII Framework Development is Used
  • High traffic generating websites
  • Fast and speedy websites with extraordinary design
  • Custom web portals for Schools, NGOs, Business, Restaurants, Corporates
  • Modular and Complex Websites
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