Tips to Improve Amazon Conversion Rates

Amazon A9 Algorithm

The conversion rate is an important vital metric using which Amazon measures how regularly the product has been purchased by customers based on how often the page is seen and it also shows how successful your marketing is.

The good conversion rates will automatically increase the product rank and sales on Amazon. This article will demonstrate you the proper methodologies to build Amazon conversion rate by doing some simple and quick advancements.

Amazon’s A9 Algorithm

Like other search engines, Fundamentals behind the Amazon product listing rank is the A9 algorithm. In A9 A stands for “Algorithm” and 9 stands for 9 letters after A in Algorithm word.  This displays the products based on relevancy and popularity. There are many factors like sales history, reviews, conversion rates and etc determine the Amazon ranking.

Direct Factors which influence Amazon Rankings

  • Text Match(Title, Description, and Keywords)
  • Stock Availability
  • Price

Indirect Factors which influence Amazon Rankings

  • Sales velocity

   Sales velocity can be increased through

  1. Additional Contextual Information
  2. High-Quality Images
  3. Bullets in Description
  4. Reviews
  • Relative sales velocity

Here are useful tips you can start using today to boost your conversion rate.

1) Keyword Tracking

One of the best techniques to expand Amazon conversion rates. As we all know that keywords are important when it comes to a ranking product on Amazon. The more relevant it is, the higher the chances a client will find your product.

As Amazon is a keyword based platform, one must find the Keywords that fits perfect to their products. Keywords must attract clients who are effectively trying to discover and buy your product. Hence, you need to identify the correct keywords to optimize your product listing which helps to enhance your success rank and increase sales automatically.  

This is the place where keywords tracking comes in. There are some Amazon Seller Tools including keyword tracker tools helps you to monitor the keywords that rank best for your product and the one you are targeting for your product listing. Besides, it will help find new ones. The higher that your product rank, the better your product will convert from a view to sale.

You can also find more details about keyword & product list optimization on our article “5 Secrets to Become a Successful Seller on Amazon

2) Optimize Product Listing to Bring More Traffic to Your Product Page

Another technique to improve the conversion rate is to bring as much traffic to your products page which helps in converting the shopper into the buyer. Only traffic won’t work, your listing’s conversion rates helps to increase the product sale. Below are the major conversion rate factors for your Amazon Listing:

    1. Product Title
    2. Create Attractive Product Features and Description
    3. Use high-quality Product Images
    4. Keep track of your business metrics

Once you got successful in finding a correct title, image, keyword, bullet point or product description, keep it and start working on other variables until you perfect the listing.

3) Customer Reviews & Feedback

Reviews & feedback is one of the major factor believed by online customers to purchase something without physically accessing, touching and trying the product, right? Hence it proves that reviews & ratings of your product will massively impact on conversion rates. Only a number of reviews or ratings will not work, there must be a quality review along with quantity reviews. Customer will get satisfied & comfortable when they find quality reviews on your listing & product pages.

Along with the quality reviews, the most recent reviews of customers are also important for conversions. Amazon automatically displays the latest reviews, so that is the first thing the client visit. We already discussed how important reviews are to the Amazon platform and that buyers & customers who really focus on these reviews. That implies that having positive reviews can truly enable your conversion rates and having negative ones can have a reverse impact.

Additionally, the seller must respond to customer queries and question within 24 hours as it helps to improve customer relations and also shows that you are concerned about providing the positive experience to the customers. The seller can also improve their business by replying the negative feedback received from customers. This would help you to reach out the unhappy customers and let them know that how important customer service is for you. As a result, the customer may remove the negative reviews which in turn helps you to increase the sales all of which will be added to conversion rate.

4) Marketing, Promotion & Advertising

Another key to attracting more customers is to become more visible to potential customers. The way to attract the more customers is to offer discount prices which automatically increase sales and as it is proved that sales are another key to raise the rankings. So as early as you promote your sales, you can attract more customers.

Another key factor to reach out the customers is marketing & advertising because in today’s world customers rely on social networks for product referrals, reviews, and recommendations.

To increase your product page visits you need to bring your brand awareness among customers using social networks and grab customers attention using some creative ideas like manufacturing videos, attractive images which will help in developing an interest towards your product.

Make appealing and attractive promotions. There are a lot of social networking platforms which allows you to promote your products and create ads.  This is useful for your Amazon advertising methodology and marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

In this biggest and competitive online platform, the need to optimize your conversion rate is a major factor to long-term success. There are lots of elements and tools, to sum up, the products success & failure along with a key factor called conversion rates. Amazon is clear about the importance of this key metric, and the tips mentioned in this article should provide the necessary actions required to see an improvement in your conversion rate.

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