Pros and Cons of most Favoured PHP Framework: CodeIgniter

Pros and Cons of most Favoured PHP Framework: CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter framework is mainly driven by the technology of PHP which contains resources like plug-ins, helpers, and libraries. With the help of these resources, the complex functions and procedures of the framework are tackled cleverly by the incredible technology of PHP. It takes care of all the essential activities of the system with high performance, which is why PHP web development company is the highly sought-after choice even in 2018. The footprint of this framework is usually small in nature and it provides simple, high-quality and scalable solutions with a clear documentation and customizable features.  CodeIgniter framework development turns out to be superior when it comes to handling the functions like streamlining the code of the web pages, resolving the complications of the PHP syntax and helps rectify the cumbersome issues encountered in the professional websites.

This blog post takes the finest look at actual pros and cons of CodeIgniter web development for PHP developers. In the end, you will realize whether or not the PHP framework is the most suitable choice for you.

Pros of CodeIgniter Framework

  • Easy customization and extension – Customization is the key to building scalable, feature-rich and highly engaging web solutions. Due to its extensibility, PHP developers can channel CodeIgniter framework resources towards customized CodeIgniter application development.The existing files can be easily edited with the help of CodeIgniter and it is usually preferred by the beginners because of the fewer complications. Moreover, the customization and configuration of the files are simple compared to the other frameworks. The footprint of CodeIgniter is very small and it comes with sufficient third-party add-ons, libraries and class extensions which helps PHP programmers develop additional features and high-end functionalities to suit the changing requirements.
  • Smooth set up options – With the help of the validation feature, the codes can be written in a single line in an error-free nature. The CodeIgniter Application Development requires less effort and time. It is because of the strong and clear documentation that the PHP programmers can easily develop a range of web applications which can be easily set up. The easy nature of this framework allows the users to configure the common tasks related to web development.
  • Bug handling – This framework protects the applications from security threats like attacks of cross-site scripting, SQL injection and remote code execution. Also, the security threats can be prevented by stopping some functions and by the installation of plug-ins. This is the advantage of appealing equally to both PHP CI application developers as well as app owners. The simple and user-friendly interface of this framework helps to handle and detect the errors in the application. The framework provides certain debugging messages and instructions related to bug handling. With the help of this framework, all the PHP errors are visible in the application.
  • The element of migration – The migration aspect is useful for managing the database system and the process of migration from one server to the other is smoothly done with the help of CodeIgniter. Some of the beneficial features of customized CodeIgniter application development are session management, localization, benchmarking, XSS filtering, application profiling, data validation, database support, URI routing, calendaring class, error logging, full page caching, pagination, zip encoding class, and class extensions.
  • User-friendly UIThe biggest comfort springs from the fact that PHP developers can take advantage of user-friendly UI that the technology offers. CodeIgniter application development is made smooth, dynamic, secure and flexible by getting the most out of this intuitive user interface. Moreover, the convenience of UI also adds to the speed of app development, effectively reducing the overall time span for larger web application projects.

Cons of CodeIgniter Framework

  • Lack of libraries – This framework has fewer tools and built-in libraries when compared with other frameworks. The CodeIgniter Web development allows certain customization by which a number of libraries can be provided. In this framework, the developers can only install the libraries which are necessary for the web application. The native libraries can be customized and extended by the programmers by expanding the native classes. But the modern frameworks have libraries which are more extensive than the libraries of CodeIgniter.
  • The absence of default modular separation of code – In this era, the CodeIgniter Development Company does not make structured and readable codes whereas the programmers from other companies write codes that are clean and readable. It is because of the high quality that the codes can be updated, modified and maintained according to the future requirements. As this framework does not support the modular separation, the programmers need to give extra effort and time for the maintenance of the code. Due to the lack of modular separation, the modules can’t be stored in different locations.
  • Rigorous adherence to naming conventions: CodeIgniter application development suffers from a hideous limitation when it comes to naming files and folder. The framework lacks modern namespace and autoloader use, which means it uses a standard approach for folder and file naming convention. As developers are required to adhere to this, it limits flexibility to an extent.
  • Development of kernel files – In order to make the framework function according to your requirement, the development of kernel files are sometimes required for the effective functioning. The framework faces complex challenges at the time the core is changed, so the CodeIgniter web developers are compelled to program the code in such a way that the core remains unchanged. The whole practice adds a little more to difficulties and struggle.
  • Flaws in CodeIgniter Version 2.0 – The CI version 2.0 encountered some flaws and therefore the next versions were requested to address the defects. The other parallel versions encountered flaws such as $ this> library and therefore they were not yet trusted by web development companies. The other issues faced by the versions are lack of access level, complexity, authentication, configuration, integration, and availability. This framework also faces vulnerable security issues which can disrupt the functioning of the system. It is due to the several issues that the CodeIgniter version 2.0 is withdrawn from the market after October 31st, 2015.

Final Words

Customized CodeIgniter application development still shines and is largely used by PHP developers due to its unique capabilities. CodeIgniter capitalizes on the reputed and widely celebrated tag of PHP family which offers unique features, stability, platform compatibility and seamless UI. Its high functionality, admirable performance, scalability and innovative quality makes CodeIgniter the framework of choice. It is especially great for developers to uproot smallest of issues and build the secure web application. Kanhasoft has massive experience and expertise in the area and can be your trusted CodeIgniter development company in the long run. Get in touch with us for detailed consultation and inquiry for PHP development projects.