KanhaSoft Receives Our First 5 Star Rating on Clutch!

Kanhasoft Clutch Client Review

For every person, our values make us who we are. It’s harder for some than others to successfully venture into the business world and remain true to those values that had once been second nature.

Here at KanhaSoft, we have been around for five years and still remain true to our values of trust, transparency, and innovation. Not a lot of companies, especially those working in the software and web development sector can justifiably claim that!

In a recent push to get our name out there, we created a profile on Clutch. A little about Clutch, they are a DC based startup that runs a third party reviews site of B2B companies from all across the globe.

They extensively research each company who creates a profile and call up that company’s prior clients and conducts a phone based interview with them. The clients are asked questions about their experience working with the company in question and give ratings for certain categories.

We are very excited to announce that our first ever review on Clutch has been none other than 5 stars!  Our previous client, Patient True Talk, told Clutch:

“The price I pay for what they deliver gives me a tremendous value. They’re fairly priced and offer very good service. The product is outstanding and we get great reviews. I have nothing but good things to say.”

We’ve also been recognized by Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest, as a top web development company in India! The Manifest is a business news resource and includes information on various development company’s prior clients and successful projects.

We are very excited to take our company to the next level and keep growing our presence on Clutch. For now, check out our portfolio on the successes we’ve already had, and keep an eye on our social media and blog for all that will come in the future!