How to Hire a Dedicated Web and Mobile Application Developer in 2023 With a Discounted Rate

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Hiring a dedicated developer for your project won’t be challenging if you know where to find it. We have good news for you if you think that hiring IT experts is the only option to get custom software solutions. Within hours, you can hire mobile app developers to solve all of your technology challenges.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world for both countries and businesses. It showed the importance of integrating online technology into all key business activities and company flexibility. Although business owners and entrepreneurs are ready to find web and mobile application development agency for their projects, there is a huge need for skilled programmers this year.

Hire Dedicated Web and App Developers

Startups and companies in various industries, including healthcare, banking, real estate, eCommerce, restaurants, and beauty, have learned that they cannot compete without a customised application and other web solutions. Due to a constant increase in demand, it could not easy to find experienced app developers. Hire dedicated app developer team won’t be a problem for you, though, if you follow our advice.

Why Hire Web and Mobile App Developer?

87% of businesses are dealing with a severe skills shortage. There is no exception in the world of software development. Even with millions of IT specialists worldwide, this amount is still insufficient to immediately fulfil all software requirements for every business.

Some product companies hire app developer for their tech departments and spend a lot of money each month. It is wise if the company’s funds allow it, as these firms frequently upgrade their business products. In other cases, hiring app developers from an onshore or offshore agency is a highly effective choice for designing a specific commercial venture.

Focus on These Things Before You Hire Web and Mobile Application Development Agency

Most businesses avoid hiring web and mobile application development agency because of the potentially expensive agency fees. However, not making extra investments is important when the immediate benefits are unclear. You don’t have to follow the all-or-nothing approach.

  • Client Reviews

Usually, clients can submit reviews of software developers they found on a particular platform on job portals and freelance platforms. Customers can rank the service provider and leave a detailed comment on how easy and pleasant their contact was. When hiring a web and mobile application development agency, you can look for customer reviews on a corporate website or see whether they are listed on websites.

  • Portfolio

An app developer’s portfolio might sometimes reveal more about their skills than their resume. Software engineers can promote projects they have worked on and highlight what specifically they did and for how long on web catalogues, job sites, and freelance platforms.

You can find a Case Study section on a software development company’s website before hire dedicated app developer. Each case study often includes details about the initial needs, technical solutions, project length, technology stack, team size, designs, and links to the results, among many other things.

  • Interview

Before hire web developer or app developer, you should pay closer attention to how a potential app developer acts and feels during an interview. You’ll be able to tell if the prospect fulfils your expectations or if you should keep looking based on their responses and how they reacted to your query. Analyse a candidate’s responses to your questions when conducting an interview (confidently and politely or not). You may know more about someone from this than from their resume.

  • Soft Skills

It speaks a lot about the future product development process and how well a newly hired software developer interacts and communicates with you as their client and other project participants. To protect the system or misunderstandings on the project, check the communication skills of everybody you hire to design an app. By working with a focused agency, you may avoid this problem. However, if your team consists of independent contractors working remotely, there may be communication problems.

  • Research

Make sure you properly hire an app developer by researching their qualifications and experience. Check the freelancer’s LinkedIn page to determine whether they have a portfolio and reviews on other freelance platforms if we’re talking about them. Looking over its website indexes would be beneficial to know more about a development organisation.

  • Languages

Make sure you and your future team of developers or tech experts have a complete understanding before you sign a contract. Using English while speaking with app creators you have hired is normal if you are from various nations and have different native tongues.

If you plan to communicate with every team member after hiring them, you can speak with them first to see if you both speak good English to understand one another. If you plan to speak with a project manager a lot, you can only consider their vocabulary skills.

  • Engagement Model

You should choose the collaboration model you want to use if you hire someone to develop an app or web solution. Outstaffing, time and material, and fixed price are common engagement methods. Our next chapter contains more information about them.

Hire Dedicated DevelopersFreelancers and outstaffing firms occasionally develop their unique engagement models or work on a monthly payment basis. The most important point to remember is that the set price model won’t work in your specific situation if you want to update your app while it is still being developed.

What Type of App Developers You Can Hire for Your Project

Simple tasks might not require a large staff. Depending on your needs, goals, and financial constraints, you may need to hire the following experts in your development team.

  • Hire Backend Developer

Hire backend developer specialists in backend development to develop the server-side part of the software. The most comprehensive and important in any software, especially an application, but not one that the user can see. Backend engineers create web, desktop, and mobile software functionality. Without a backend developer, data storage, processing, exchange, and generation are impossible. 

When you need server-side functionality, hire backend developer who specializes in the programming language. 

  • Hire Frontend Developer

The client-side part of the software is also known as the frontend. This software expert integrates UI/UX design with the backend functions of the programme to make them work as productive. 

Hire frontend developer who controls button positioning and clickability for other elements. Consider opening an eCommerce site and selecting the “purchase” button. In that case, a frontend feature prompts you to add the selected item to your basket or takes you to the payment page, where you must enter your details (name, card, shipment destination, and others). Without a doubt, your web application project should hire frontend developer.

  • Hire Full-stack Developer

You may hire full-stack developers for your project. Web experts who possess front-end and back-end skills are full-stack developers.

Thus, you can reduce the number of tech engineers working on your project if you hire full stack developer who can create your application from scratch while ensuring that its back-end, front-end, and database parts communicate with one another. However, as you know, the fees for tech experts with more talent and experience are higher.

  • Hire DevOps Developer

The goal of a DevOps engineer is to make the app development process as efficient, safe, and easy as possible. However, their main task is done during the deployment phase.

A DevOps developer you hire will also keep an eye on the timeliness and effectiveness of problem fixes. They contribute to the customer and the complete development team’s testing, code improvement, software infrastructure construction, product flexibility, deploying, optimising, automating, and many other processes.

  • QA Engineer

Although quality assurance professionals don’t create code, they are an important factor in any development team because it is their responsibility to ensure that the product is flawless in design and logic.

If you believe that an app is initially developed by a developer, who then finishes their job and starts testing it, the software development process does not operate in this manner. The estimation and planning phase of the software development process is where quality assurance specialists start their job. Testing is done to find flaws and mistakes early on and fix them immediately in connection with writing code.

  • UI/UX Designer

A UI/UX designer is a professional who creates attractive and user-friendly websites and applications. They actively contribute to the development of an MVP and fully-functional application. Every app element visible to users must place in the most practical location so that users will intuitively know where to click or tap to accomplish their goals. This is the job of a UX (user experience) designer.


Mobile phones are widely available, and 79% of people operate mobile applications for regular use so the importance of web and mobile applications has increased.

Please research the market’s top suppliers before hiring a web and mobile application development agency. Ask for customer references, look at these companies’ jobs, and so on.

Hire an expert web and mobile application development agency like Kanhasoft. They provide scalable application development services with dedicated resources and hourly, monthly and fixed-cost projects. We have worked with several businesses of all sizes and financial capabilities. But We ensure there would be no compromise in the quality.

Hire Dedicated Team


Q. How many programmers are required to create one app?
A. To ensure a user-friendly application, building a mobile app is a process that is best suited for between 5 and 6 developers.

Q. What will it cost to hire an Android mobile app developer in 2023
A. The following is a rough estimate of how much it will cost to hire an app developer on average in 2023: Android developer: $20-$35+ per hour. iOS developer: $20-$45+ per hour

Q. Why should you hire an app developer?
A. A mobile app developer can hire for less money than outsourcing or using a freelancer. Additionally, you can do more work for less money and in less time.