Hiring a Full-Stack Developer: Things to Know

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Web development is continuously changing with new programming languages and frameworks being used to build digital experiences that are engaging, intuitive and accessible, and meeting the users’ demands. The advancements in web application solutions have enabled businesses to experiment with various technologies and frameworks and get the best web application developed for their business. Companies hire the best resources to design and develop solutions for their business, to stand out from the pool.

While some businesses hire specialist developers on the basis of their requirements, the demand for full-stack developers is on a rise!

What is Full-Stack Development?

A typical web application consists of a client side and a server side which is also known as the front end and the back end respectively. Full-stack development refers to the development of the entire web application, including the front end, the back end, the infrastructure, and the database, starting right from the idea initiation to the delivery of the end product.

A full stack developer is someone who has sound knowledge and experience in working with both front-end as well as back-end technologies. They can be called as the “jack of all trades” since they are proficient in HTML and CSS and one or more front end and backend languages and frameworks. If you are in the search to hire dedicated resources for your web application project, hiring a full stack developer would be a wise choice.

What to Look for While Hiring a Full-Stack Developer?

A typical web application consists of following stacks:

  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Database
  • Infrastructure

The full-stack developer must have relevant technical skills, sound knowledge of languages and frameworks, considerable experience and expertise in the technologies and the ability to execute an entire web application development project by themselves.

Here are a few points to consider while hiring a full-stack developer:

Tools and Language Skills: The full-stack developer must have sound knowledge and experience in working with one or more technologies and languages of each of the following.

  • Front-end: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, Angular.js, Backbone.js, jQuery, React, Bootstrap, SASS, SML, Websocket, etc.
  • Back-end: SQL, Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, PHP, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, etc.
  • Databases: NoSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, ACID, ORM, SQL, Redis, JSON, XML, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Cassandra, etc.
  • Web App Framework/Infrastructure: Amazon Web Services, client-side vs. server-side web application configuration, Performance optimization for web browsers, etc.

Web Fundamentals: JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are the basics of web development and hence the developer must be a specialist in all three. The best practice would be to look for a subject matter expert in these web fundamentals, who also has the skills of other technologies as per your project requirements.

Personal Qualities: No developer has all the skills already. You might need to train them for some languages or frameworks as per your project need and hence you need to hire someone who is a quick learner and passionate about learning new technologies. The person should be aware of the changing trends in the technologies and must be capable to grasp the developments.

Experience: Decide which technologies you need to use for development and then look for profiles with extensive experience in that particular technology. Examine the projects that they have done in the past and the level of their knowledge in the technology.

Other Skills: The full-stack developer must understand the end users’ needs and business demands and must be able to develop solutions based on that. A basic understanding of server management, networking, hosting, QA, UI and UX, etc. must be preferred.

Look for these qualities in the developer while you search for them. Make sure you expand your search and do not limit to peer references or particular job platforms. There is a pool of talent that can be hired and trained well to be a perfect fit for your specific requirements. Also, do not keep your expectations high while searching for a full-stack developer. No developer is a master of all languages and hence instead of expecting them to be specialists consider them to be generalists.

Wrapping Up

If you have your business requirements clear and if you look for the right skills matching your requirements, then finding a full-stack developer is not that big a task. If you are you looking for a web app development company or a full-stack developer for getting your enterprise web application development, get in touch with Kanhasoft with your requirements and queries today!