Doctor Appointment App Development Cost, Features, and Benefits

doctor appointment app development

If you are working in the healthcare business and your staff spends hours every day booking appointments. Do you often have a crowd of patients lining up in your waiting room? The days are gone when the people no longer schedule an appointment over the phone or go physical at the doctor’s clinic. The healthcare industry has seen a vast change over the last decade. However, mobile applications are among the best key factors that have played a major role in bringing this change. Doctor appointment app development is the future of medicine. It enables doctors, patients, and medical services undertakings to benefit from a basic however strong technical device, i.e., smartphones.

This doctor appointment app development benefits all people. Make an appointment with the doctor with a few finger clicks without wasting time and money. Not only are doctor appointment booking apps reliable and effective solutions, but they are beneficial in the present and future. Patients can use this online doctor scheduling app to engage with the medical suppliers via an online platform. However, IT solutions are moving forward and have now made it possible to handle all functionalities. It includes bookings, cancellations, re-booking, follow-ups, online reminders, etc.

If you’re looking to develop a doctor appointment app, you’re in the right place. This blog will guide you on doctor appointment app development’s features, costs, and benefits.

The benefit of Developing a Doctor Appointment App Development

The first thing all know is what a doctor appointment booking app development is and the various options they offer. Why are you required to create about the implementation of this solution? Let’s cover the main point. The doctor appointment booking app brings significant benefits to every part of the process. The app development is beneficial to patients, hospitals, and doctors.

  • Benefits For Patients: – When any users who prefer doctor appointment app development, cost-effectiveness and safety first come to mind. However, using this application, patients can reduce physical hospital visits, booking appointments, etc. Therefore, this app help in various ways, like it saves a lot of time and money.With the help of this user-friendly doctor appointment app, patients have various options such as integration with calendars, online access to any doctor, ease to use, scheduling appointments, etc. Can say that the patient can book an appointment anytime, anywhere.
  • Benefits for clinics and hospitals: – The doctor appointment booking app permits healthcare providers to manage their appointments with increased efficiency while giving reliable management. However, it displays all details of the patient, complete history of appointment, analyses the doctors, saving time, etc.
  • Benefits for doctor: – Physician’s point of view very simple work schedule and its like magic. However, handling a large amount of data is very easy when dealing with many patients. These benefits reduce the burden of the doctor and are highly beneficial for patients to access from any device.Please keep track of cancellations so doctors will have time to look at one of their patients. So this kind of doctor booking app can optimize doctor workload and avoid unused time slots.

Features of Doctor Appointment App Development

Doctor Panel 
    1. Login: First, it should understand that the login process should be easy and quick. A doctor appointment app development should also have a login option with a social media account.
    2. Doctor profile: Doctors can create and update their profiles according to the requirement—doctor specialty, location, photo of them, charges for an appointment, etc. However, users can also consider including consultation fees and treatment costs.
    3. Accept/reject booking: The doctor accepts/reject feature is available in the doctor appointment app development. Due to some emergency, the doctor can reject the appointment.
    4. Edit the book slots: Doctor appointment booking app where a doctor can edit appointment slots in case of any inconveniences.
    5. Telemedicine: Telemedicine, also known as online scheduling via Chat or video calling, has changed the healthcare industry. So should these features add to the doctor appointment booking app development. Some patients demand to consult the doctor before visiting their clinics.
    6. Set Availability: The availability setting is the best feature in the doctor app development. The features are set as per the convenience of the doctor.
    7. Treatment history: For future reference, patient treatment history is uploaded in the application.
Patient Panel

Simple and easy portal for the patient to choose the best hospital, doctor, and appointment time.

    1. Easy log in/ registration: The patient first requires registration in the app. Next, patients need to fill in their personal information in the app. Then, the patient can easily login through their existing social media account.
    2. Patient Profile: The patient should enter the essential profile information. It includes name, phone number, address, email, etc. However, the patient should also need to upload their photo.
    3. Dynamic Search: Dynamic search filters is like the expertise of the doctor, price range, time availability, etc. However, with the help of this feature, patients can make the best choice for their healthcare provider.
      Also, see the app: Patient Medical Tracking System
    4. Appointment booking: The best and most convenient slot can be selected after confirming the doctor’s availability.
    5. Multiple payments: Multiple payment options mean the patient can select/pay the payment to the doctor. First, however, the patient can make payment by their credit/debit card or other suitable methods.
    6. Review /Rating: The patient can post a review/rating. Based on the experience you encounter at the time of appointment. These features help other patients for the selection of the perfect doctor.
    7. In-app chat: Doctor appointment app development allow a patient to discuss any other additional queries. These features play a vital role and making a successful app.
    8. GPS Tracking: GPS tracking is required to locate the patient or clinic/hospital.
    9. Push notification: Push notifications plays an important role in doctor appointment app development. ‘These give the latest update to the patient about the app. This allows the patient to stay up-to-date with the latest scenario.
    10. Manage Appointments: Sometimes, booking, scheduling, cancel, and managing appointments using a calendar. However, home visits will make it substantially easier to manage all daily affairs.
    11. Upload document: Patients are permitted all health-related documents in the app for future reference if needed.
Admin Panel
    1. Login: The first step for the admin panel in doctor appointment booking app development. Login to account for the safety and highly secured password. However, Admin plays an important role in app development.
    2. Manage booking: Every booking slot and edit whenever necessary, and the perfect function is working. The admin handles all the doctor and patient booking schedules.
    3. Manage Patient: Admin panel in the doctor appointment app development manages patients and data associated with the patient properly
    4. Manage Doctor: An admin panel is required to manage the doctors’ data properly and comprehensively.
    5. Content Management system: The admin panel in CMS allows informative best blog/articles health-related posts by health experts. It is the main feature of the doctor appointment booking app.
    6. Mode of communication: Mode of communication is an important feature for all apps. However, every user is not familiar with all languages. From video conferencing to email, a doctor appointment booking app should offer various modes of communication. This is helpful for the patient and the doctor both.
    7. Report Generation: It is required to check the daily activity of the app. The report generation features are a must in the doctor appointment app development. The report is very important to understand where you may require some improvement in the app for the near future or at present.
    8. Notification: Notification keeps the patient up-to-date about the daily tasks and keeps the whole process in check and in order.

Advanced Features of Doctor Scheduling App Development:

    1. Live Chat with support: This feature is highly expected by the patient. However, physicians are available on HD platforms with chat access and 24/7 support.
    2. Smart Search option: First thing, if you have an extensive range of the database, the patients might find it difficult to search through all those profiles. It permits patients to filter the profile by desired treatment, doctor, rating, location, etc.
    3. Payment: The patient should have various payment options to choose from. According to their requirement, the patient can make payments through their credit/debit cards.  
    4. Reminders and notification: General thing to know if you plan to create a doctor appointment booking app development. First, you should think about the reminders and notifications to eliminate the best slots. They can give the patient to confirm visiting the office and reduce missing appointments ahead of time.
    5. Calendar: Doctor appointment app development should feature as it’s online and offline. You should have these features so any patient or doctor can manage their schedule while using this, Calendar.
    6. Reviews and Rating: The review/rating is the best feature for the patient. It permits the patient to leave comments and helps others review recommendations. These features also indicate reliability and legitimacy that help other patients to select suitable medicine and doctor experience.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Doctor Appointment Booking App?

The first thing to understand is that no one can finalize the exact cost of developing a doctor appointment booking app. However, the cost highly depends upon various factors it chooses. It also highly depends on what platform you choose, iOS or Android. However, the cost of the iOS is lower than this Android. The cost of doctor appointment booking app development may depend upon various factors. The factors are as follows.

However, you must consult the best app development company that gives better details in this regard. It depends upon the frameworks, technologies, functionalities, and features used in the development process and influences the app development cost. The app development agency provides you with the exact cost of developing the features you want. You can hire a dedicated app developer on an hourly, monthly, or weekly basis. Therefore, it is good to contact the best app development agency.

Wrapping Up: So, if any question comes to mind on developing this doctor appointment booking app after reading this blog. We are always here to help you. However, we have years of experience in developing healthcare applications. This app is highly beneficial for the doctor and patient. Today people do not like to stand in a queue to book an appointment. However, if you require a dedicated medical app, schedule a call to have a further discussion.


Q. What are the features to add to the doctor appointment booking app?

A. There are various features like push notification, review/rating, multiple payment options, telemedicine, GPS tracking, etc. These features add when any developer is developing the app.

Q. How much time requires to develop a doctor appointment app?

A. The first thing no one can say is the exact time it takes to develop a doctor appointment app. However, sometime due to some inconvenience, the project may delay.

Q. What is the exact cost of developing a doctor appointment app?

A. The exact cost of developing the doctor appointment app depends on various factors. It includes the features, developer you hire, the location you choose, platform, technology, etc. So, if you add more features then the cost is high and if you add less the cost will be low.