Best PHP Programming Tools for Developers in 2018

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The PHP language is constantly evolving, requiring you to keep up with it. One of the latest features of the language is the ability to speed up performance without taking up more memory space. A PHP Web Developer should be able to leverage lightweight and full-stack PHP web frameworks including CodeIgniter, Zend, Laravel, CakePHP, and Yii. There are many PHP development tools available in the market but it is essential to find the one that suits your requirement, which vary according to your client’s needs.

Here are 7 best PHP development tools for developers in 2018:

1. NuSphere

NuSphere is used to make websites using JScript, HTML, PHP, CSS, and Perl. The development tool is equipped with profiler with the MySQL, editor, and a debugger. Both the tools can be used locally since it is super secure, so you don’t have to worry about it getting hacked. NuSphere also works with advanced versions of YII, Zend, Joomla, and Laravel PHP Framework. The full stack development tool IDE has a JavaScript debugger built in it.

2. Aptana Studio

An open source web development IDE, Aptana Studio is equipped to support server-side web technologies including JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, HTML5, Python, and Ruby. Using the Web Application Development tool, a programmer can build and test application in one single environment. It also reduces the work required for PHP application development since is has a command line interface and debugger and also supports Git integration.

3. Sublime Text

A highly flexible and customizable text editor, Sublime Text has a custom UI toolkit that you can use to jump to a symbol, word, or line using shortcuts mentioned. The development tool allows you to make changes to several lines at once, saving the time required to change every single one. You can also use it as a robust text editor for markup, prose, and code.

4. Directus

A free and open source development tool, Directus is a MySQL database that you can use to effectively manage your web application content. It is completely driven by API, which allows the developers to create custom databases. Directus is a favorite among custom PHP web application developers because of its secure and simple scalable features. The development tool uses an intuitive interface to manage your web application content and is the easiest to set up. Directus follows the latest standards of access control and authentication.

5. Code Lobster

A portable IDE designed for PHP, Codelobster is compatible with a number of PHP and CMS web frameworks including CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony, WordPress, Joomla, and Magento. Codelobster is a boon in disguise for programmers as its main aim is to reduce work. Some of the features it provides include syntax highlighting, code validator, SQL manager, and autocomplete. When you update to the professional package, you are eligible for more advanced features.

6. PhpED

Use can use PhpED to make PHP Web applications using PHP 7.1 web frameworks like Yii, Laravel, and Zend. It also supports JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. The development tool’s latest version lets web developers debug PHP code remotely and locally as well. The new version is also equipped with refactoring capabilities and improved code completion.

7. Eclipse

A popular PHP integrated development environment, Eclipse supports major operating systems including macOS, Linux, and Windows. The development tool comes with a number of plugins, which can be customized according to the present needs. It supports GUI and non-GUI applications as well, making Eclipse an ideal choice for building complex PHP web applications.

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