Best Custom Amazon Seller Tools To Make Your Online Business More Lucrative

Best Custom Amazon Seller Tools To Make Your Online Business More Lucrative

Amazon is the most appreciated marketplace in the world at the moment where a great number of sellers showcase their products online to a wide consumer base. Amazon is growing exponentially with loyal buyers enjoying endless options and choices on its platform. Due to the diverse environment and touch market challenges, Amazon sellers and merchants need more to survive the odds and retain customers and boost profits consistently.

Here is where Amazon seller application comes to aid.  In this post, you will learn more about how custom Amazon seller tools help you achieve your goals in the competitive market and how custom Amazon seller software developed by Kanhasoft can make the phenomenal difference to your profit game.

Must Have in Features of Customized Amazon Seller Tools

Kanhasoft goes beyond readymade Amazon seller tools and has successfully worked on the idea of crafting a custom Amazon seller tool.  Our accomplished software engineers have developed a range of custom, highly polished tools for Amazon sellers to ace up the target market and grow more business profit. Here is the list of a few powerful custom tools  Kanhasoft has developed and delivered based on clients requirement:

1. Order management system

This custom solution helps Amazon sellers manage and process orders by receiving the relevant notifications via email or mobile in their customized application. Focusing on all aspects of order scenarios (from confirmations to cancellations), the custom Amazon seller software provides real-time assistance in getting the list of orders placed on your Amazon store.

2. Bestseller rank tracking system

Monitor your BSR (Best Seller Rank) for your products in real time with this solution. When you add the ASIN of your product, the tool fetches all the Meta details including product title, image, and description to ensure the accurate listing. The tool then periodically displays the fresh BSR of the specific product on its UI in an intuitive manner. You can even create the custom notification to see if BSR goes below the desired level.

3. Technically accomplished Sales analysis dashboard

This is another more sophisticated custom Amazon seller tool that offers users the power of strong data analytics metrics. The tool fetches the financial information of every order placed from multiple sources and clubs them on an analytics dashboard. It is designed to focus on details such as total gross sales, shipping costs, FBA fees charged, Refer fees, Promo fees, Refunds and more. The results are the metrics on Gross Sales, Estimated Profit, ROI, and Percentage of Sales Success along with the reports on Net profit calculation, total units sold and Amazon payout.

4. Inventory and stock monitoring system

This viable custom Amazon seller software can work hand-in-hand with your exiting warehouse tracking system. By ensuring the streamlined inventory and stock monitoring, the tools is customized to display details on products sold, inbound and instock quantity and their transfer quantity. The information helps verify warehouse inventory stock. This brilliant tool also features supplier management, PO and Invoice generation, shipments and overall stock consolidation.

5. Amazon Refund tracker

After spending quite a while on Amazon marketplace, there is good chance sellers have the certain amount of money to claim from Amazon due to inaccurate fees & charges, missing items or incorrect orders. Amazon Refund Tracker is our custom Amazon seller tool tailored to check the record of orders and payments for last 18 months for possible unprocessed reimbursements. The report can be generated every week with accurate data justifying the possible reimbursement list. It also assists you in creating content to prepare a case for Amazon refund.

6. Negative reviews and feedback management

Kanhasoft’s Negative Review management system exceeds the organic capability of Amazon’s original tool to empower sellers more. As a software development company, we have engineered the tool to not only alert sellers of negative reviews but also enable them to see the details of the buyer and order for which negative feedback is received. Select multiple ASINs to track multiple product reviews. The tool updates you with a notification in near real-time about a low-star comment, and within a few hours, you can know the dissatisfied buyer. As a result, you can inquire about the cause of dissatisfaction and resolve the issue quickly.