Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation for your Business

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

In today’s digital world, many businesses aim to be the best and provide a great experience to users. To keep up with the digital trend, businesses hire more IT enthusiasts. However, hiring a full-time developer is expensive and challenging for temporary needs. That’s where staff augmentation comes in.

Staff augmentation allows you to hire dedicated IT developers on a project basis without going through the lengthy process of hiring full-time employees. In simple terms, it’s adding IT staff to your team for a specific project, and you pay them based on the project or hourly.

Now, before we delve into the benefits of IT Staff Augmentation, let’s look at how big the market is and what the future holds.

IT Staff Augmentation Market Update

In 2019, the IT staffing market was $92.5 billion, and after the Covid-19 pandemic, it grew a lot to $139.2 billion.

A report from Gartner says that revenue from total Cloud services went up from $214 billion to $249 billion. This happened because more people around the world are using digital products.

The global IT services market is predicted to keep growing at a rate of 10.36% from 2022 to 2027.

Enterprise Application Integration Market

Now, let’s talk about application development and software development. They are expected to reach $200 billion and $326 billion, respectively.

Advantages of IT Staff Augmentation

After talking about the basics of staff augmentation and the future of the market, let’s now get into the main part of this blog and explore the benefits of IT Staff Augmentation. These advantages are why businesses are leaning towards hiring dedicated IT developers using the Staff Augmentation model instead of going for full-time hires.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

1.      Access to a Global Talent Pool

In the digital world, businesses compete globally to make their mark. So, it makes sense that the talent pool should also be global.

Using the IT Staff Augmentation model allows you to connect with skilled developers worldwide for your short-term or ongoing projects. You can tap into the expertise of developers who are well-versed in the latest tools and technologies.

If your client has a unique project requirement, and local experts are hard to find, IT staff augmentation comes in handy. You gain access to a global talent pool, and your developer can be located anywhere, offering 24/7 service according to your needs. This helps you complete projects by utilizing the strategies these developers bring.

These developers usually have years of experience, which is beneficial for your business. Working with clients worldwide gives them a broad perspective that can contribute to shaping your project effectively.

2.      Cost-Efficient Staff Augmentation

One of the best things about staff augmentation is that it’s cost-effective. When you hire temporary professionals through this model, you save money on things like onboarding, monthly salaries, taxes, bonuses, training, and overall management.

There are two main reasons why staff augmentation is affordable:

  • The professionals you hire this way help your business stand out compared to your competitors.
  • Access to a larger talent pool means lower costs compared to hiring a full-time employee.

With staff augmentation, you only pay for the talent for a specific time, without making a long-term and expensive commitment. This allows you to expand your business into wider scopes and markets with additional manpower in a cost-effective way.

3.      Risk Management in IT Staff Augmentation

When you give clear instructions to the augmented staff, you’re making sure they know what they’re doing. This not only guarantees competence but also reduces risks related to investments and other internal procedures for your business.

IT staff augmentation companies work to use their resources wisely and minimize risks for your business.

4.      Workforce Flexibility in Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation brings a great benefit – workforce flexibility. This directly impacts the cost of hiring. Flexible manpower is hired for a temporary period or specific purpose.

You can adjust the workforce size based on your needs. Permanent hiring limits your access to new talents. However, with the IT staff augmentation model, you can pick the right person with the exact skills you require. There’s no need for a long-term commitment with the professional.

5.      Quality Staff through Staff Augmentation

When you team up with a trusted staff augmentation company, like Kanhasoft, you get access to quality personnel. These are dedicated and focused individuals who work on your project with full commitment, ensuring they meet deadlines precisely. Their main goal is to make sure the projects they’re assigned to are successful.

Staff augmentation vendors help companies use their resources efficiently, keeping costs low while emphasizing efficiency.

6.      Efficient Operations with IT Staff Augmentation

Having skilled IT staff augmentation gives your business an advantage over competitors by ensuring smooth operations. These professionals have expertise in specific domains that boost the efficiency of your operational framework.

Due to their extensive experience with various technologies and tools, augmented professionals bring added value to internal teams. They don’t need additional training, ensuring operations run smoothly. A more efficient operational framework helps you save a lot of time on development and marketing.

In today’s digital world, new technologies emerge every year, making it challenging for a business to quickly develop in-house expertise. This is where staff augmentation becomes beneficial for your business.

Augmented professionals focus on adopting the latest technologies and improving their skills based on market trends. Kanhasoft is your go-to place to outsource your IT development needs. Our professionals are well-versed in the latest technologies and make sure they stay updated with the latest market trends.

7.      Enhanced Control with Staff Augmentation

With staff augmentation, you can hire the coders you need, and the service provider takes care of the organizational and administrative tasks. Bringing in experts to help with your project allows you to focus on other important business activities while still keeping a close eye on the augmented team.

However, it’s essential to be very careful when choosing the IT staff augmentation company. You should follow some best practices and set realistic expectations and goals for the project. Failing to do so might result in multiple project iterations and wasted resources.

8.      Boosting Internal Teams with Staff Augmentation

Even if you have enough internal resources, you might want to think about hiring augmented professionals for complex projects that require specialized skills. In these cases, bringing in full-time staff won’t be the best solution.

The most effective solution in such situations is IT staff augmentation. One of the significant advantages of staff augmentation services is that they ease the workload on internal teams. Additionally, augmented staff also assist your business in adapting to the changing market landscape.

In summary, IT staff augmentation provides new opportunities for businesses looking to expand and stay in line with rapidly changing market trends.

9.      New Perspectives with Augmented Staff

Getting an outsider’s point of view can be very useful for businesses to gain new insights and advice. An unbiased view from someone outside your company can offer suggestions and ideas to improve productivity in your workplace.

With their fresh perspective, augmented staff can assist you in finding new opportunities to grow your business. Moreover, they also inspire your in-house team to think creatively and learn new things.

10. Ensuring Software Security with IT Staff Augmentation

Software security is a big concern for businesses today. The number of cyber-attacks keeps increasing every year, with the total damage reaching $6 trillion in 2022. Human errors contribute significantly to software vulnerabilities, as developers, on average, make about 15-20 mistakes per 1000 lines of final code.

Each coding mistake is an opportunity for cyber hackers to exploit. That’s why businesses now hire IT staff augmentation vendors to get highly skilled security specialists.

These specialists will test the software for vulnerabilities and help the internal team develop secure software using the most trusted security practices.

When to Choose Staff Augmentation for Your Business?

Now that you understand the main advantages of staff augmentation, let’s figure out when it’s a good idea for your business. Here are some situations that suggest when you might consider this model:

  • Varied Skillset Needed: If you already have a team of IT engineers working on your product but need additional skills for the backend or front-end of a project, staff augmentation is beneficial. For example, if you have two projects with different needs but high hiring costs for developers, staff augmentation helps you expand your workforce economically.
  • Hard-to-Find Skillset Locally: When you’re developing a top-notch product with excellent developers and want to add new talent to your existing team, but the specific skills you need are rare in your location, staff augmentation is useful. You can hire skilled professionals based on your project requirements without being limited by location.
  • Dissatisfaction with Outsourcing Results: If you’ve outsourced your software project, but the results and progress are not meeting your expectations, and you want direct access to developers who can work according to your vision, similar to a full-time in-house employee, that’s when IT staff augmentation becomes valuable. It allows you to hire talent that can deliver the results you need promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why choose IT staff augmentation?

IT staff augmentation is a great way to bring in extra workforce with specific skills for a set period. It’s the best option for IT companies looking to quickly expand. The benefits of staff augmentation help meet deadlines at affordable prices.

What are the advantages of IT staff augmentation?

Some key benefits of IT staff augmentation include:

  1. You get all the IP rights when you use IT staff augmentation.
  2. It’s easy to scale resources and access a wider talent pool, including backend developers, front-end developers, UI/UX developers, and full-stack developers.
  3. You save money on organizational and administrative expenses, making outsourcing tasks with augmented staff cost-effective. This is one of the most important benefits of staff augmentation services.

When should you consider staff augmentation?

  1. Your project is constantly delayed due to a lack of skilled developers.
  2. You don’t need a specific developer full-time.
  3. Your crucial in-house employee is currently unavailable.
  4. You want to implement the latest technology that your in-house team isn’t proficient in.

Closing Thoughts

By now, you may have realized that IT staff augmentation brings a lot of advantages to a company. Many companies worldwide are using staff augmentation and finding it to be a profitable solution. They are achieving better results through this approach and gaining a competitive edge in the market.

If you want to explore the benefits of IT staff augmentation for yourself, reach out to Kanhasoft. Whether you need a team or a single developer, we offer a flexible IT staff augmentation service to boost your growth.

We’ve helped numerous clients worldwide by providing top-notch backend and front-end developers along with client-focused service to bridge the demand-supply gap. Opting for staff augmentation services through Kanhasoft ensures a smooth integration of outsourced developers into your existing team. Contact us today for more details!

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