Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC – Why You Need Both

Amazon SEO Vs. Amazon PPC

The major two cornerstones every Amazon marketing campaign should build on are Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC. If you want to grow your Amazon business and boost your sales, SEO and PPC are the best ways to start. But confused that which one better than the other? What’s the major difference between them? And where should you start?

Let’s find what Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC have in common, and how they differ in this article. We will explain how they both work, and why these two must be included in the most effective Amazon marketing strategy.

Difference between Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC

Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC effectively have the same goal: rank your products higher in Amazon search results – and that’s more important because greater visibility means more sales.

However, even though the desired result is identical, the approach of the two marketing tools is fundamentally different.

Amazon SEO Improves Organic Ranking Over Time

Amazon SEO center on improving and enhancing product visibility through listing optimization. As the topic says that Amazon SEO improves the organic ranking and also improves the sales performance of product listings by including all relevant keywords and also by adding the content that positively affects click through and conversion rate.

Amazon SEO is a two-step procedure:

  1. Keyword Optimization: Specifying all the relevant keywords for which the product should be searched or found into the product listing text
  2. Listing Optimization: Adding high quality and relevant texts, pictures, reviews etc. to improve Conversion Rate (CR), CTR and with that sales

The key advantage of Amazon SEO is that it is free, and product indexing (means a product appears in search results if there is an exact match between keywords and search terms on the product listing) happens straight away.

The drawback is that it can sometimes take quite a while for the product listing to increase the ranks and gain greater visibility.

Amazon PPC Boosts Sales Instantly

To draw more customers to your product listing, Amazon PPC makes use of ad campaigns. For the sake of comparison, let’s concentrate on ‘Sponsored Products’, the most utilized type of PPC campaign (‘Headline Search Ads’ and ‘Product Display Ads’ are some of the other formats).

Here is how it works:

  • You make an offer on the relevant keywords of your product listing.
  • Your ad will pop up and be highlighted in the product page or a search results when a customer uses that specific keyword or related keywords in his/her search.
  • For successful campaigns, regular optimization efforts required, such as CPC adjustments.

This implies that the search range for Amazon Pay Per Click is greater than Amazon Search Engine Optimization, since it may not just exact keywords that activate the ad to appear. Furthermore, the advantage of Amazon PPC is that the visibility improvements (and with that sales) happen very quickly, sometimes even immediately, depending on how high the bids on specific keywords are.

The impacts of PPC campaigns can, therefore, be measures instantly. The disadvantage with PPC campaigns is that they need a budget, as you pay per click (PPC – pay per click).

In below table, we have summarized the differences between Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC.

The strong positive feedback between Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC prompt to even more noteworthy enhancements in ranking and boosting sales when both are utilized at the same time.

To increase sales on Amazon, both Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC in themselves are effective marketing tools. But when both strategies are combined, their effects can be further amplified. As explained above that you should combine the two as Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC have a strong correlation between them, so you must choose both rather than choosing one or the other.

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