Amazon Sales Rank: How Important is it and How Can You Improve it?

No1 Seller on Amazon Tools

To sell something on Amazon, you need to rank high in the search list. Depending on the number of products you sell, Amazon gives you a sales rank. Ever seen #1 beside a product that you bought in the past? That #1 means that the product is a best seller in that category.

This obviously means that people love the product, which automatically increases sales without the seller needing to do anything for it. You can use the Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker to know your product’s rank. One product can rank differently in two different categories. For example, if you are selling a toothbrush, it might rank #500 in beauty category but #31 in bathroom essentials category.

Here are more than two million Amazon sellers across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, European Union, and India.

Coming to the question – how important Amazon Sales Rank is?

Amazon Sales Rank is very important to a seller because it exactly gives you an idea about your product rankings compared to that of your competitors. Best Sellers Rank or BSR changes every hour when Amazon updates the rankings.

The lower the BSR, the more your product is getting sold. However, staying at the top isn’t something to be obsessed about. Also, it doesn’t mean if your BSR is low your or your competitor’s product is doing well because the rank is also established on organic search density. You can use it for checking where your competitors stand and take cues from them to improve sales and Amazon Sales Rank.

How to Improve Amazon Sales Rank?

Having a good Amazon Sales Rank makes it easier to find potential customers. It is all about understanding the Amazon Ranking Algorithm and once you do, every product you post on the e-commerce website will rank first.

Here are six ways to improve your Amazon Sales Rank:

  1. Amazon Ranking Algorithm

Amazon Ranking Algorithm or A9 is a complex and very effective way to improve your sales rank. It is influenced by your product’s conversion rate, customer satisfaction, and relevancy. Conversion rate factors are further divided into the quality of images, product cost, and customer reviews.

  1. Amazon Inventory Tracking Tool

For any retail business to work, an organized inventory is necessary. Enter Amazon Inventory Tracking Tool. It is an online web application that you can link with your Amazon seller account. The e-commerce website will then post on your product page the quantity available.

It will alert you when you stocks deplete so that you can restock immediately. When your stocks are always full, there’s a bright chance of getting a big order.

  1. Customer Reviews

Getting customer reviews isn’t as bad as it seems. You need to give your customers incentives so that they post a positive product review. First, email the customers who shopped your products for the first time welcoming them to the family and request them to upload a review.

If they don’t upload for a couple days, send them a mail mentioning that if they upload, they’ll get 15 percent off on the next purchase.

  1. Amazon Seller Tools

An Amazon Seller Tool gives you insights into how your products are performing and a number of people who clicked on your product. It provides an in-depth knowledge of sales data, keywords and analytics, and product tracking. You can also use the tool as a PPC Management suite, using which you can handle your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management outside of Seller Central.

  1. Amazon Seller ERP System

ERP systems are a productive investment as it reduces mis-deliveries and shipping time, improves customer experience, higher productivity, and the possibility of selling your products across the border.

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