7 Major Reasons that Make Laravel Framework Most Popular

Laravel Application Development

In recent times, Laravel has made a strong footprint and many Laravel development companies are starting. Countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Netherland, Denmark are developing their web application with Laravel programming language for business.

7 Most Appealing Features that Make Laravel Framework Most Popular

1) Gaining Popularity

The number of Laravel Application Development Companies are increasing restlessly. It is very difficult to hire expert Laravel developer as expanding the interest of Laravel development. To build rapid and responsive web application Laravel is the perfect language to choose.

2) MVC Structure

MVC feature is making Laravel programming language most popular. This is ensuring clarity between logic and presentation of the web application. MVC structure helps in fast performance, provides better documentation, and has large built-in functionalities.

3) Security of Application

When you own the business, all your customer information, the privacy of data and strategies of business are at risk. Your business needs a secure web application development. It relies upon the Laravel application developer, how one build the code and structure. Laravel is the highly secure PHP framework. Laravel provides CSRF tokens which prevent threats. These token check every request on POST and prevents against if someone may change the POST to GET the demand. It prevents various threats like SQL Injection and Cross-site forgery requests. Laravel helps in reducing the risk against malware.

4) Blade Template

One of the best features of Laravel is inbuilt Blade Template. This lightweight template helps you to create an amazing design using dynamic content. IT has multiple widgets along with CSS and JavaScript. As the formation of the design is lightweight in Laravel, makes the web application design very simple.

5) Artisan Command Line

Laravel provides build in command line too as Artisan. Laravel developer interacts with framework using the command line that handles the environment. This tool avoids performing the repetitive and complex programming task manually.

5) Database Migration

One of the major issues in development is to keep database synchronization with machines. But with Laravel database migrations it is very simple. You can keep all of the database work in migrations and seeds, so you can migrate database changes in any development machine you want.

6) Object-Oriented Libraries

Laravel has many inbuilt Object Oriented libraries and pre-installed functions, which make Laravel very popular framework. Second is Authentication library which has many advanced features like Bcrypt hashing, checking active users, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, password reset, and encryption.

Due to awesome features and inbuilt tools, Laravel is gaining popularity around the world. It has vast community support too. Further, if businesses want to outsource Laravel application development work or hire dedicated Laravel developer then Kanhasoft is the perfect place. We have a large portfolio in Laravel which can help you to choose us. Visit us today!