5 Secrets to Become Successful Seller on Amazon

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Selling & Promoting products on Amazon has been a massive trend in the past years. As it is a crowded and competitive marketplace for sellers, it’s been tough for sellers to make sure that their items are searched, liked and bought by customers/buyers. Even sometimes sellers start selling on Amazon and then quit due to difficulty in selling their products and they find hard to put a lot of work into selling items on Amazon.

So what’s your simple goal? To become a successful Amazon Seller, right? To be listed as top sellers and earn as much as profit possible. Correct? But you are wondering about a single question and that is How to achieve all these?  Well not to worry as we are here to share you the tips that will help you to set up your game in Market. Whether you are new to Amazon selling or not, check these secret weapons behind the successful Amazon seller:

  1. Secret 1: Enhance your content
  2. Secret 2: Optimize your product listing using relevant Keywords
  3. Secret 3: Win the Buy Box
  4. Secret 4: For product fulfillment, use Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)
  5. Secret 5: Automation Tool (Listing, Inventory & Shipping Management)

1) Enhance your Content

A solid Amazon transaction starts with Quality Product Data.

Here are the key factors that play an important role in representing your product.

  1. Title of the Product: Being a main source of keywords, Amazon will drive an extensive amount of visitors based on product title.
  2. Product Images: As we all know images speak louder than words so product images need to be of extremely good quality, and must be unique to SELL your product
  3. Well Descriptive Product Details: figure out how to write sales copy, aim at benefits of the customers and differentiate your product and competitive
  4. Reviews: As said that stars never lie and not even die. More reviews & ratings will build trust with new customers. Customers can share their experiences and post ratings & reviews allows, which helps you to reach more people and influence more purchases.

2) Optimize your product listing using relevant Keywords

Another principle is to Take control of your Keyword: Do you know where your product listings rank and which keywords they rank for? If not, then you need to find out.

Amazon is a search-based & keyword based platform much like Google. Hence, your product needs to target the keywords which will automatically help in increasing the sales. Once you identify the correct keywords, you can optimize your item listing to enhance your success rank and beat your rivals. To compete on Amazon and to track the ranking & trend of product keywords, use Amazon Keyword  Rank Tracker Tool.

Below practices helps the most in searching keywords:

  1. Become the Customer – How would they search?
  2. Use single keywords instead of phrases
  3. Can have up to 5 terms per product
  4. Avoid keywords that are already in the Title
  5. Don’t list third party-brands or trademarks – avoid suspension

You can also find your fundamental keyword & promote it intensely. When you achieve this, start concentrating on your optional words. But the main question is How do search these Keywords? Don’t worry, simply follow the below steps to find the keywords relevant to best-selling products:

  • Enter in a keyword, and tap on the proposed keywords
  • Tap on the top 3 products
  • Go through them for the Bestseller rank in the top category for each one of them
  • Select the word with most items & the one with LOWEST Amazon Bestseller Rank in the top category for each and it will be on average that keyword is pertinent to a large number of best selling products

3) Win the Buy Box

One of the biggest secret for selling product on Amazon that you need to know is How to win the Buy Box.

Important Buy Box Metrics

  1. A competitive price (Consider a Product Repricer)
  2. Fast and efficient delivery (Offer free shipping)
  3. Volume of inventory
  4. Positive customer feedback metric
  5. Low refund and return rates

It’s all about sales, sales, and more sales. Rank is based on Sales. The more items you offer, the more money Amazon makes all the while. That is the reason they made the Best Seller Rank. The Best Seller’s Rank (BSR) is a number Amazon grants items that offer well on Amazon. Every category (and sub-category) on Amazon has its own scientific categorization of BSRs.

4) For product fulfillment, use Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)

Amazon offers extraordinary quality and delivery, which is the reason customers are so faithful to the organization. Having Amazon on your side, arranging requests and taking care of back work through Fulfillment by Amazon will drive in more customers and boost sales.

Pros of Amazon FBA

  • As a FBA merchant, your items are naturally Prime qualified.
  • Convenience
  • The Amazon Reputation
  • FBA Product Eligible to win the Buy Box at Higher Price  
  • Lower shipping rates.
  • Get Amazon’s customer service  
  • Increase Profit Margins with a Lower Total Fulfillment Cost  
  • Easily access international customers  
  • Multi-Channel FBA (fulfill for own site, eBay, etc.)

Cons of Amazon FBA

  • Additional fees
  • Limited access to inventory
  • Preparing product
  • Pricey multi-channel fulfillment
  • Tax obligations

5) Automation Tools (Listing, Inventory & Shipping Management)

Finally, large volume sellers & merchants, particularly the individuals who offer their inventory across various multiple platforms, will inevitably need a tool to manage inventory and product delivery (shipping).


Amazon has been one of the key marketplaces being used tremendously worldwide. The platform is growing day by day with more and more sellers offering their items to a huge customer base and buyers getting a variety of options to choose from. With expanding rivalry, sellers on Amazon need to stay ahead of the herd to increase their profits and satisfy their customers. Kanhasoft – MWS API developer has developed a range of tools for sellers allowing them to gain the tremendous advantage over their competitors.

Our variety of Amazon seller Tools include Listing Optimizer, Best Seller Rank Tracker, Amazon Refund Tracker, Inventory Tracking Tool, Keyword Rank Tracker, Negative Review Tracker, Seller Feedback Tracker, Email Solicitation Tool, Order Management Tool, and one of the most sophisticated Sales & Income/Expense Analysis tool. Contact us today to get your own tool designed and developed as per your requirement.