4 Tactics to Minimize Unnecessary Amazon Returns

4 Tips to Avoid Amazon Unnecessary Returns

Do you have to deal with a lot of return packages as an online retailer in Amazon? Don’t blame the easy return policy of Amazon, you too can be at fault.

As an online seller in Amazon, usually after a festival, holiday or Amazon sale, no sooner you are enjoying your huge sale of products, soon you start receiving requests for the return of your purchased products which is not so very pleasant thing.

The product that you packed beautifully and shipped away when returns, turns your time, money and resources invested for it into a big waste. For those who don’t know about Amazon’s Return Policy, it now requires the third-party sellers to accept “automatically authorized returns” means retailers have to accept returns without having any direct contact with the customer, which can cost a lot. Don’t panic, these returns only need a way of management and some efforts to save yourself from huge losses but before that, let’s see the causes of returns.

The return rate of Amazon is recorded to about 5-15% as it varies widely depending on the category of products. The major cause of returns is due to the lack of physical touch. The customer doesn’t receive what he/she has seen in the image and imagined it would be. It happens a lot with clothing and consumable goods. Another big reason is lack of proper product description and images. Since e-commerce is only seeing and buying, improper or less information can trigger more returns. Now, let’s find out how you can reduce such unnecessary returns.

4 Tactics to Minimize Unnecessary Amazon Returns

1. Do Some Product Detailing

The product description is the core of e-commerce sales and you should stay true with it. Don’t bluff nor try to save words, instead, describe each and everything about your product in a way that the customer can feel the product. Write the exact color, dimensions, size, material, warranty, pattern, etc., of the product you are showing the image of. Provide the link of return policy so that customers can go through it before purchasing. Mention the answers to common FAQs, reviews (if any) and guide to use the product. The more relevant detail you provide, the more confident will the buyer become and will make the purchase and never return it. Also, your good brief will help you in Amazon SEO as well.

2. Give a Thought on Your Return Policy

You can decide whether to choose an “Amazon-style” return policy with instant returns and free shipping or go for your own charged ones. Studies show that half of the shoppers boycott the retailer who charges for returns or has long and complicated return procedures. Hence, you must make your return policy clear first so that you don’t lose your customers. Also, keep in mind your industry and then offer free returns as return rates can have a big financial impact on profits depending on the industry you are serving.

3. Don’t Keep Them Waiting

Customers hate to wait for long and sometimes they order gifts for someone on their birthdays or anniversaries, in such cases if the order is not delivered on time, they get furious and their negative review can cause you a loss. It may happen that due to late delivery, the product may no longer be of any use to the customer and hence he/she will return it.

4. Study Your Returns

Don’t just send and receive returns. Collect as much data as you can from the customer why he/she is returning the product. Provide them with all the possible reasons for return so that they can easily select the reason and you can also get to know the major cause, based on which you can come up with a solution that will save your time and money in the long run.


These were just a few ways to prevent unnecessary returns from happening, apart from this, a good customer service, competitive pricing, quality product, excellent packaging etc., are the other ways you can lower your Amazon returns and improve your customers’ experience.

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