4 Little Known Facts about CodeIgniter Development

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With so many PHP application frameworks at your disposal, it is not rare to be confused to make the correct choice. Every framework has its pros and cons and is entirely up to the programmer’s choice, one which he is comfortable with, which in turn depends on the types of web applications he codes for.

However, there are certain PHP application development frameworks that are ideal for every type of use. One such phenomenal framework is CodeIgniter. It is a simple toolkit that you can use to create a full-fledged web applicant. Since it is easy to use, beginners and professionals both can use it without any trouble.

CodeIgniter has more than 57,000 users across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, Japan, South Africa, China, and European Union Countries.

This brings to the question – what makes CodeIgniter Web Development so popular among programmers?

Here are four little known facts about CodeIgniter to convince you that it is the best web application PHP framework for you:

1. Simple and Sorted

Like we mentioned before, CodeIgniter is easy to use and expand. Built-in libraries of the framework include validation, zip encoding, uploading, unit testing, e-mail, and calendar. Then, there are default helpers like strings, arrays, directories, file handling, cookies, forms, and more.

This is useful for freshers as the libraries and default helpers assist in developing codes. Also, it doesn’t need installation, which is usually challenging. Sometimes it takes too long for the software to install or the computer crashes because the file is too big. CodeIgniter doesn’t even require you to PEAR packages for it to run.

Already sounding like the best PHP framework software ever?

When you are done coding, you simply have to upload the file on your server and your work is done. One of the best features of CodeIgniter is database abstraction, a tool that allows you to add, delete, or update statements without having to write out raw SQL. Expect you web application to be ready in very less time when you Hire CodeIgniter Developer because of all these features.

2. CodeIgniter Comes with Security Tools

Built-in security tools are a huge benefit. Default actions that are a part of CodeIgniter include enabling handling of session data using cookies or database encryption and switching off runtime directives and enabling system initialization at the same time. You can choose any level of security using the PHP framework.

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3. It has The Best Documentation

While documentation is still at Beta phase in multiple PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter is an ace in it. The software is more than the company. It is like a community and they have big plans to make the lives of programmers even easier. This is one of the major reasons why CodeIgniter Web Development in India is so popular.

4. You won’t Find a Better Support System Anywhere Else

CodeIgniter’s official forum has around 57,000 users, as we mentioned before, which means it is a huge community. With so many people being online all the time, you can expect your query to be solved in only a couple hours. The user community is only growing and always inviting. CodeIgniter also has a wiki, which is like an in-detail FAQs section, which comes in handy during the most difficult situation.

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